Alleged “iPhone 7” benchmark suggests 33% better performance than iPhone 6s

There are only two days left, but – believe it or not – there are still things to discover about the “IPhone 7” before its official announcement. Well, if the following leak is true, we can cross out one more item on the list: benchmarks of the new device, and they suggest good things coming up.


On the Geekbench website, the information points to a certain iPhone9,3, which suggests that the new Apple smartphone will have (or would it?) At least three different models – the first digit indicates the generation and the second, the model (iPhone8 , 1 and iPhone8,2 are, respectively, iPhones 6s and 6s Plus).

The saying whose, curiously already running iOS 10.1, presents a score of 3,379 in the test of single core and 5,496 in the test of multiple cores, representing a gain of approximately 33% in relation to the iPhone 6s.

It’s good to note that the site specifies 2GB of RAM for the tested model, which means that we’re probably talking about the 4.7 inch “iPhone 7” – since the general speculation is that the larger model will bring 3GB of memory, especially to support the dual camera system.

A curious fact of the supposed statistics is the speed of the A10 processor: the test points to a mere 396MHz, an extremely low value – to give you an idea, the A9 present in the iPhones 6s / SE runs at 1.85GHz. According to an analyst at Geekbench, this result is due to the fact that the test cannot accurately specify the value of the clock iOS processors; this information is obtained through “empirical” tests, which can, of course, fail.

Whether the tests are true or not, we can be sure of one: Apple will certainly improve the performance of its mobile processors on the new iPhones and will boast a lot about it with numbers in bold letters. Let’s just wait and see.

[via 9to5Mac]