Alleged iOS bug deletes documents from iCloud Drive by resetting device settings

Alleged iOS bug deletes documents from iCloud Drive by resetting device settings

September is not easy for Apple. After #bendgate and the serious flaw of iOS 8.0.1, it seems that Apple's mobile operating system has a bug that can give users a big headache.

Reset device settings

When resetting all settings for a device, the message that appears makes it clear: only settings will be deleted. But in doing so, some users stated that they lost all files stored on iCloud Drive. We tested everything here and, unlike these people, the files remained on iCloud.

Still, the warning is worth it. After all, if it happened to some, it can happen to you too. And if this flaw does exist, it is quite serious since it deletes documents not only in iGadgets, but in the service itself if you are “drawn”, enter and open the iCloud Drive web app, you will not be able to view any documents.

According to some users who are suffering from the problem and have contacted Apple, company engineers are working to be able to recover such documents if you went through it, contact Apple support. Obviously, we don't know if they will even be able to recover. all.

This is not the first "failure" of the iCloud Drive that we see around. Apple has already made it clear that when accessing any application compatible with iCloud Drive, users will be able to see all documents stored in the cloud even though they are unable to open some documents in certain apps (such as a text file in a photo editing app, for example) example). For now, however, this is not what is happening, as described in this article.

The new Apple storage system has already been launched, but only for those who use iPads and / or iPhones / iPods touch. Those using Macs will still have to wait for the release of OS X Yosemite to be able to use iCloud Drive.

(via MacRumors)