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Alleged cases for future iPhones show device details

The year is flying, isn't it? It is already late June and soon we will have a special Apple event where the company will unveil its new generation of smartphones to the world. Everything indicates that we will have three new models, the successors of the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones. Much has been said about them, but now the case maker Olixe (via Mobile Fun, which is already selling such cases) showed us some details of what we can expect from the "iPhone XI" (or "iPhone 11", who knows).

Supposed case of

Speaking of what we already know well, there is the infamous square at the back that houses the three cameras that should equip the successors of the XS / XS Max (remembering that the successor of the XR must have a dual camera). Although it is not the ideal solution for many (definitely the level of complaint for this square has surpassed that of any other design element of all iPhones that have ever come up), it seems that such a square will come.

Rumor has it that the rear itself and this square (even if it is prominent) will be made of a single piece of glass and it is not easy to see renders, but what the news points so far.

Supposed case of

The renders also show a new redesigned “Play / Silent” switch which no longer moves sideways but up / down plus a rounded rather than rectangular design, a decision that may (or may not) have to do with the space occupied by the three rear cameras.

Supposed case of

If the images really are true, they “confirm” that Apple continues to use the Lightning connector on the iPhone. It is worth noting, however, that rumors cover at least one new Lightning / USB-C cable in the box, along with a new 18W USB-C charger with fast charging support (like the ones that currently ship with iPads Pro).

Supposed case of

Although it is noticeable the small size of the notch on some images (which would be the successor of the iPhone XS Max), this should be a mistake surrender even since there is no indication of change in this regard.


via 9to5Mac