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All Fortune 500 companies use Apple products; IBM is a successful example

It's happening this week in Minneapolis (United States), the 2019 edition of Jamf Nation User Conferenceis a company event focused on managing Apple products in companies and institutions. There, there are always interesting numbers about the use of Ma devices in the corporate environment, and the conference's latest edition was no different.

Ma product marketing manager, Jeremy Butcher, made a presentation at the event sharing an interesting data: in 2019, 100% companies Fortune 500 use Apple products on some scale. In addition, hundreds of large or medium-sized companies have more than 10,000 devices Ma's assets among her out of work.

Butcher also reported that Apple already has more than 150,000 users in 69 countries using Business Manager and School Manager, the company's tools for businesses and educational institutions to manage Apple devices used in their operations.

Studies also indicate that these numbers could grow soon: according to research cited by the executive, 3/4 of corporate users prefer Apple devices when they have this option; 59% of higher education students prefer Macs to assist with their studies. Data refer to the US, worth noting.

IBM ❤️ Apple

Still in this sense, who seems to be totally in love with Apple, look at the IBM. In a presentation at Jamf's conference, the former arch-rival at Ma praised the Macs and said that, basically, employees who choose Apple computers are more productive and loyal to the company.

Apple + IBM

Since announcing (at the same Jamf event) the program Mac @ IBMIn 2015, the computer giant expanded to 290,000 the number of Apple computers in the company. According to IBM CIO, Fletcher Previn, employees who use Macs exceed expectations in performance reviews with a frequency 22% higher compared to those using Windows.

In addition, high value sales tend to be 16% higher when made by employees using Macs. And employees who choose Apple's computers to crown themselves are 17 percent less likely to leave the company and report a better experience with their software.

Finally, Macs require less support: IBM has a team of 7 engineers to handle about 200,000 Apple computers; On the other hand, there are 20 engineers to manage a similar number of PCs.

Not bad, huh?

via AppleInsider