All browsers should bring this new feature to Opera

Opera menambahkan VPN gratis ke browser Android-nya

What makes a browser the best among the many options are its functions and, above all, the ability to reinvent itself. In 2016, Opera showed that it deserves the post of best browser of the year. After delivering features like a native advertising blocker, a free unlimited VPN and data and battery saving features, the service offers the option of a real-time currency converter.

Commonly, we speak here on the website about devices advertised in Europe or the USA, and we always try to add to the dollar or euro value the approximate price in reais. So, I always have a website saved here on my computer so I can see the currency quote on the current date and be able to bring this information up quickly, so you don’t have to do that.

Now, using Opera version 42, it is now possible to see the conversion in 32 currencies in real time based on daily values ​​from the European Central Bank. This makes it possible to see’s prices, in dollars, quickly convert to the approximate value in Brazilian currency, the real. In the animation released on Twitter, Opera shows how the feature works:

If you don’t work on a technology website and don’t need to convert currencies, think about the times when you were looking for a product and you fell on an international website. Using Opera, you will now be able to see the price in reais of the products sold in the gringa and quickly see if the purchase will be worth it or not. But remember, the browser will show what the equivalent amount would be in reais, that is, without any additional fees or taxes.

According to a survey by Opera staff, within four years, 45% of online shoppers worldwide will buy products from foreign online stores.

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This new tool for automatic conversion of values ​​was released on Tuesday, 13, and is available to users with version 42 of the Opera browser. The update has not yet arrived for the mobile version, but it will be released gradually.

So, do you use Opera as your smartphone’s main browser?