AliveCor iPhone Accessory Now Detects Two More Cardiac Arrhythmias

AliveCor iPhone Accessory Now Detects Two More Cardiac Arrhythmias

When the Apple Watch Series 4 arrived with its so-called ECG reader, the world celebrated but, at the same time, was willing to point out that Ma was not that pioneering in technology as AliveCor It had previously offered similar solutions for users to detect the condition with home gadgets.

Now one of the manufacturer's products is going a step further: the KardiaMobile, accessory that connects to iPhone, recently received FDA authorization (Food and Drug Administration, US equivalent (Anvisa) to detect two more types of cardiac arrhythmia: tachycardia and bradycardia.

To be sure, KardiaMobile is already a small accessory that you connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth, and by placing your fingers on the contacts, detects your heart rate and, through its ECG technology, possible signals of atrial fibrillation. Now with the novelty, tachycardia (abnormal increase in heart rate) and bradycardia (abnormal decrease in heart rate) join the conditions detectable by the device.

It is worth noting that tachycardia and bradycardia do not necessarily indicate problems in the user's cardiovascular system, but frequent detections of these conditions may signal that the person should seek medical attention to analyze possible adversities.

KardiaMobile can be purchased for $ 100 from the AliveCor website and, remember, is not recommended for people using pacemakers or implantable defibrillator cardioverters (ICDs).

via CNET