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AliExpress executive reveals that he would like to open distribution center in Brazil

Anyone who has ever shopped online should know the AliExpress. The site that sells products from China It has a giant presence in the country, offering from the famous low quality imitations to products highly sought after by very competitive prices. O Brazil It is from AliExpress that the site considers our country among the top five markets in the world and wanted to further increase its presence here by creating a local distribution center.

The information comes from Ken Huang, the leader of the Chinese company for Latin America who recently granted an interview to state, on the notebook Link from the newspaper. Huang said one of the main problems for AliExpress in the country, pointed out by consumers and recognized by the company, is the time it takes for goods to arrive. To get around this, the company even studies the distribution center, Huang told the newspaper:

"There are some options. There is nothing confirmed, but we have studied opening a distribution center with rented deposits, where we will dispatch the products. Or we will close local partnerships. Something in the medium term."


The business follows the "pop-up" model and runs for 30 days in Curitiba

The executive was also asked about the possibility of establishing a physical store here and commented on the pilot project made in Curitiba in partnership with Ebanx:

"The project in Curitiba was led by Ebanx to test people's reaction, as our marketing has always been online. Ebanx realized that a lot of people are not finding us on the internet. We saw some trace, but not sure if it was a success. It was a test and it was always good. In Madrid, the store was also a partnership with local retailers. So far, there are no concrete plans to open physical stores in Brazil. I still think there are great opportunities to optimize our online operation."

Apparently there is still a time to have a distribution center here, if AliExpress really decides to make one. Still, we can be sure that the company pays special attention to our country.

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