Alienware Launches New 4K Supercomputer for Gamers

Alienware lança novo supercomputador 4K para Gamers

Alienware, a Dell subsidiary specializing in computers and machines made for gamers, announced the reinvention of the Area-51 model, a supercomputer with strong hardware specifications and a triangular shape.

THE Alienware, subsidiary of Dell specialized in computers and machines made for gamers, announced the reinvention of the model 51 area, a supercomputer with robust hardware specifications and a triangular shape.

Designed to run games at resolutions 4K UHD, it runs the latest processor Haswell-E gives Intel, in 6 or 8-core variants. Depending on the model, the ability to RAM memory offered reaches 32GB (DDR4).

The processor 51 area already comes with overclock factory and liquid cooling system, guaranteeing performance even when the system is required to the maximum.

With support for up to 3 graphics cards, it will be sold with GPUs gives Nvidia or OMG most recent.

The triangle-shaped cabinet, the most striking feature of the 51 area, was designed with “superb thermal efficiency” in mind, according to the company in a release. Still, «the new design ensures that the internal components remain properly cooled even during high performance activities, making the air move from the front of the case and to the sides and rear, dissipating the heat».

It also allows for easy access and manipulation of components, meaning you will have no trouble updating the machine in the future.

The general control of the machine is also done through special software, the Command Center 4.0. Through it, it is possible to select options for overclocking, voltage, memory times and choose from 512 trillion combinations for the 9 lighting zones scattered throughout the case.

The Alienware Area-51 will be available for sale by the end of this year, but the company has not yet officially released the price or release date. Don’t expect it to be cheap …