Alien Isolation – Part 1

Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a tense, single-player, survival horror that you should play with extreme caution. If you like to take some good scares this is the right game.

Alien Isolation it is a survival horror, developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega. The game, distributed by 20th Century Fox, can be played in mode single-player and is available on platforms PRAÇA, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox one and Xbox 360.

The game is being a pleasant surprise. Alien Isolation it’s very different from the games I’ve been playing. In general, I run madly across the map and shoot everything that moves. In Alien, that’s not possible. In this game inspired by the eponymous film the watchword is: caution.


Fifteen years after the disappearance of Nostromo, his black box was found in Zeta Reticle by a commercial ship, the Anesidora, and sent to the station Sevastopol.

A team will integrate the mail ship Torrens to rescue the black box. Amanda Ripley will join Nina Taylor and Christopher Samuels on this ship, leaving in search of the black box that may reveal some information about his mother’s disappearance: Ellen Ripley.

In short: you are Amanda, who will join the team at Torrens, hoping to find some information about your mother. But your main mission will become just to stay alive, since you will find, in the Sevastopol, desperate and hostile survivors, relentless androids and the alien himself.

Interface / Graphics

Fantastic! The level of detail in the characters is impressive. We can see facial marks and even the oil or sweat on their faces.

Gameplay / Gameplay

The controls are simple and intuitive. There are not many commands and they are also familiar to those who play this type of game, which makes adaptation a lot easier. But, for those who like to see the controls before starting to play, it is super simple to view them.

Tip: if you are playing on the PC and appear to press GOOD or GOOD, know that they are the left and right mouse buttons, respectively.

See the PC commands on that link.


I started playing Alien: Isolation in hard mode and it really is being difficult. It’s already been 12 hours and I’m still only on the seventh mission. If there was an achievement «Congratulations! You died more than 1000 times”I would win easy. Furthermore, I spent more time hiding in the cupboards than exploring the map and each time I held my breath with the Amanda.

Game Sounds and Atmosphere

The sounds are perfect for the game, are completely integrated into the game and provide an atmosphere of deep tension and dread. I feel the adrenaline rising every time the music changes, indicating the presence of the alien or some other enemy.

In short, sounds contribute decisively to increasing the atmosphere of tension and fear during the game.


Photograph Name description
Amanda Ripley Our main character. Daughter of Ellen Ripley, the last survivor of Nostromo and disappeared 15 years ago. Amanda hopes to find information about her mother, which is why she embarks at Torrens for Sevastopol station.
NinaTaylor Torrens’ most sulky and sedentary tribulant. Your mission is to present a final report on the Nostromo accident.
Christopher Samuels Samuels is a synthetic and offers Amanda a place at Torrens.

First 35 minutes of play:

Achievement Guide

Achievement: a record of the disaster. It was my first achievement. The objective at this point in the game was: get dressed. While looking for where to dress I ended up finding the terminal and accessing it I got the achievement. It is impossible to lose this achievement.

Achievement: awake. Impossible to be lost. You just explored Torrens and went to the bridge for instructions due to the approach of the Sevastopol Station. At this point your goal in the game is: get your instruction document. After picking up the document on the table you receive the achievement.

Achievement: build to survive. You will obtain this achievement as soon as you build your first item. In the second mission you will be able to create a Medikit and thus obtain the achievement.

To build an item you must collect some objects by the scenario, each item to be created needs specific components. These components are scattered throughout the map and can be found on top of boxes or inside drawers, luckily to make them easier to flash orange.

It is also necessary to find the design of each item in order to be able to build it. In addition to the appropriate components for creating a specific project, a specific amount of «scrap» is also needed to build the item.

See the table with all the projects you can build.

Conquest: the missing. To win it just collect a single identification card throughout the game. Impossible not to win it!

[Alien Isolation]Achieving self-defense

Achievement: self-defense. It is not necessary to kill 10 different humans to obtain this achievement. I achieved the achievement by killing the humans of mission 2 sometimes while dying in the middle of the process.

Achievement: a perfect organism. It is the first time that you will come face to face with Alien! Your goal at this point in the game is to Security Unlock! When you manage to find the terminal that disables the security lock, Alien appears! There is no way to lose this achievement, you acquire it in the normal course of the game and the scare comes as a gift.

[Alien Isolation]Achievement good to see you at sevastopol

Achievement: how nice to see you at Sevastopol. Complete the second mission.

[Alien Isolation]Conquer every bullet counts

Achievement: every bullet counts. Use your revolver, a single shot and the achievement is yours. You don’t have to hit or kill anyone.

[Alien Isolation]Conquest the hunt begins

Conquest: The Hunt Begins. Just finish the third mission and the achievement is yours.

[Alien Isolation]Conquer she's in ventilation

Achievement: she’s on ventilation. As the description itself makes clear: use the ventilation system 20 times and get the achievement!

[Alien Isolation]Conquest not a scratch

Achievement: not a scratch. In theory, Android no are hostile, at the beginning of the game you go through several without compromising your physical integrity. The problem is that when you are in a forbidden place, and usually you are, they are no longer friendly and they are very, very lethal so running away from one of them, without suffering any damage, gives you this achievement!

[Alien Isolation]Achievement failure detected

Achievement: failure detected. Returning to the dissertation on Android, in addition to the fact that they are lethal they are also very difficult to kill. So killing one of them earns you an achievement;).

Tip of the game itself: synthetics are susceptible to physical attacks when they are stunned.

[Alien Isolation]Conquer strength games

Achievement: strength games. Access 10 different reprogramming points.

[Alien Isolation]Conquest you shouldn't be here

Achievement: you shouldn’t be here. To acquire the achievement complete the fourth mission.

[Alien Isolation]Conquer how you feel

Achievement: how do you feel?. This is not Facebook, but I am particularly happy. Complete a mission in Alien: Isolation it is always a cause for joy. Complete the fifth mission and receive this achievement.

[Alien Isolation]Conquest system shock

Achievement: system shock. To obtain this achievement, just use the shock stick.

[Alien Isolation]Achieves the parker method

Conquest: the Parker method. Achieve this achievement by knocking out a human or android with a non-lethal attack.

[Alien Isolation]Conquered a true engineer

Achievement: a true engineer. Build a copy of each project. There are 7 projects to be built to achieve the achievement. Check the table below.


Items Utility

Cost (scrap)

Medikit 1 injection, 1 compound B and 1 aggregating agent It can be used to partially heal. 10
Stunning grenade 1 booster capsule, 1 sensor and 1 aggregating agent Non-lethal device. Stuns nearby humans and blinds everyone who watches the detonation. 10
Molotov 2 sensors, 2 ethanol, 1 booster capsule and 2 B compounds Incendiary explosive that detonates on impact. It is lethal to humans and androids, although androids are very resistant to fire. 25
Tube pump 1 ethanol, 2 booster capsules, 2 sensors and 2 injections Explosive device that detonates on impact and is lethal. 25
Noise maker 1 battery, 1 sensor and 1 injection It makes a sound that attracts a lot of attention. 10
Smoke bomb 1 ethanol, 1 sensor and 1 aggregating agent It detonates on impact and releases a cloud of smoke that hinders visibility. 10
PEM Mine 3 batteries, 2 sensors, 1 injection and 2 aggregating agents When detonated, it releases an electromagnetic pulse that temporarily disables non-industrial synthetics. 25

[Alien Isolation]Conquest caught in the trap

Achievement: Trapped. Complete the sixth mission.

[Alien Isolation]Achievement outpost of progress

Achievement: advanced progress of success. Complete the seventh mission.

Next achievements:

Final Conclusion / Cost x Benefit

Alien: Isolation it’s a very different game than I’m used to. Totally out of the standard of killing the last games I played. It provides hours of voltage, despair, good scares, all without taking a single shot or killing a single person.

It requires a lot of caution to move around the map and patience to «play» hide and seek with the Alien. Sometimes, the creature seems to smell it from a distance, which makes success in the mission an almost impossible task.

It is not being a fast game and still has the other game modes, in addition, to get all the achievements you must play at least twice.

Anyway, Alien: Isolation is a challenging game that is worth buying and playing.

Want to know more? Wait for the second part of this review…