Alibaba app – What is it? What is it for? How to download? Evaluation

Despite being a company of Chinese origin, Alibaba is present in more than 200 countries. Alibaba is considered one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. Its purpose is that companies from all over the planet find several suppliers of the most diverse types of products. But one caveat: through the site you may come across incredible opportunities or also false offers.

With such a large number of daily transactions, Alibaba has also invested in the production of a mobile app that you can use when searching and buying. In this article we will cover the main points about using the application. Check out!

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<h2 id=How does Alibaba work?

The app is available for both Android and Apple phones. So, just log into one of the app stores and download it for free.

After installing the application you will have access to various features such as:

Product ease in thousands of categories

When accessing the application the company interested in buying practically does not miss options. There are thousands of suppliers for hundreds of categories, ranging from agriculture, beauty, electronics, clothing, automotive, even the sale of food.

Direct communication with suppliers by message

Although the transaction takes place through the Alibaba website, the buyer has the option to chat with the supplier by message, which helps in the negotiation.

Custom Quotes

Through the app you place custom quote requests and suppliers will contact you quickly to serve you.

Purchase and payment with confidence

Alibaba has a modality called Trade Assurance that guarantees protection and full warranty if the supplier does not comply with the agreement that you will be refunded.

Product quality under control

You can choose Alibaba's inspection service to make sure the quality of the goods that are under contract.

What permissions can you or may not provide when installing Alibaba on your mobile phone?

To improve the experience of using the application recommended to the application access to some function permissions of your mobile. Know what and for what reasons you requested.


Required for you to take photos or produce videos that can be used in the messaging system.

Flash light

Using the camera function automatically enables flash when the environment contains low light.


Possibility to send voice message in communication with suppliers.


To identify the suppliers that are closest to you.


For easy access to load images, browser cached.

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<h2 id=Pros and Cons of Using Alibaba

As it is a platform open to the registration of several suppliers and many of them being in Brazil, and considering all the features that Alibaba offers, we can highlight:


  • Access to price items that may vary widely, which may benefit your final budget;
  • Based on Alibaba's buyer experience and inspections, it provides the Gold Supplier Supplier Seal that corresponds to the Gold Seal to good companies. Buying from suppliers with this seal brings peace of mind;
  • Large logistics network that delivers with the necessary agility, even for orders coming from China to Brazil;
  • Option to buy with money back guarantee.


  • Not all suppliers are good facts;
  • Many of the vendors do not put the correct prices and will try to negotiate with you outside the application.

User rating

With nearly half a million downloads on the Google Play Store, the app is notable. For android users the application has a rating 4.5. Already for Apple system users the average 4.7.

Based on experience of use, users' most notable reviews are:

  • Facility to find suppliers;
  • Offers wide range of products;
  • Difficult process of purchase and understanding;
  • Negative experience post purchase.


Because it comes from another culture, the application in view of Brazilian design and usability standards can seem confusing and messy. Also, the translations may not be completely faithful.


Download Alibaba for free from app stores.

How to download Alibaba?

There are no secrets. Android and Apple users can access the Google Play Store and Apple Store (respectively), search, download, and install on their device. For convenience, you can click the buttons below to redirect your app store.

download from play store

download from apple store