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Alexa finally arrives officially in Brazil and speaking in Portuguese!

THE Amazon finally officially brought his digital assistant Alexa to Brazil. That means she now understands portuguese! To "celebrate" the arrival of technology here, Amazon is also offering discounts on its Echo product line that is sold here.

Echo dot: from R $ 349 per R $ 249

Echo Show 5: from $ 599 per R $ 449

Echo: "coming soon" by $ 699

These are three smart speaker options that, in addition to playing music, can be used as a hub for other connected IoT devices. They have built-in microphones and obey voice commands, and can be used for calling with other people as well.

Technology giants are in a race to turn their assistants into the center of the connected homes of the future. Google has Home and its Google Assistant, while Amazon has Alexa and its Echo devices. The online shopping giant has become more popular precisely by working with sales as well, as Echo instant access offers easy shopping functions in the US and will probably start offering in Brazil as well as they get popular here.


Also featured were wireless headsets, microphone rings and several models of Echo speakers

At the moment we have only two Echo device options around here, with a third coming soon, but Amazon has a very long list of gadgets, which has even increased in recent days. It may be that with the coming of Alexa to Brazil, more of these devices will be brought to c over time.