Recurso de anúncios da Alexa chega para outros dispositivos compatíveis, além do Echo

Alexa ad feature reaches other compatible devices, besides Echo

THE Amazon announced this week that the ad feature from Alexa will now be compatible with all devices connected on the same network that are compatible with the digital assistant. Previously ads only worked with devices Echobut now the Alexa It is present in gadgets from so many other manufacturers that Amazon has decided to expand the reach of the feature.

For those who don't know, Alexa's ad feature was created to help reduce the shouting in the house. Just kidding, the user can ask Alexa to make an announcement and then say the message. This message was then reproduced by the other Echos scattered around the house and now all Alexa devices in the house. The idea is to make it easy to warn everyone that lunch is ready, for example.

Some of the compatible devices are the Amazon Fire TV Cube, Sonos speakers and Facebook Portal. And these are just a few examples, as there are more and more gadgets coming up with Amazon's digital assistant.

Brazilians, however, still need to know english to operate the devices. In April this year Amazon announced the availability of its digital assistant development kit for Brazilian Portuguese and we already have some companies preparing products for the market, such as LG, Bose and Intelbras. But developer registrations are still going through June 30, which may mean we won't have the first products with Alexa understanding Portuguese so early.

Meanwhile, the Google Assistant It is already a little closer to being able to be operated in Brazilian Portuguese. Without much fuss, Google Home began responding to some commands in our language late last year. The support, however, is still far from complete. The device may have locks and may have difficulty responding satisfactorily to most commands. We still have to wait longer before we stop talking English with our devices.

Source: The Verge