Alex and his experiences in the Linux world


Once again we are going to make room for our readers to tell their stories and experiences about the Linux world. Today’s text was written by our reader Alex Morgado, do you identify yourself?

I would like to thank Alex for his participation and say that if you also have a nice story to tell, feel free to send us an email. The text below is authored by our reader and does not necessarily represent our opinion on the topics covered, enjoy!

“My name is Alex Morgado, I live in Paraná and I come to share my experiences in the Linux world.

It all started when I bought my first notebook at the age of 19, the operating system installed was Windows and I was entering the world of programming. I realized that Windows, in a way, prevented me from programming more, I needed to live more on the command lines, that was one of the negative points I noticed in Windows, it made it much easier with the graphical interface, making me comfortable, I decided then, research about Linux distributions.

As a programmer, I usually answer my own doubts by doing something than asking someone who’s already used it, because each person adapts in a certain way. I even researched Google about people who prefer Windows or Linux, to tell you the truth, they were tied up in my conception at the time, but today I have my own conclusions about all of this!

My first step was to research the distributions, through these researches I decided to download Fedora, Debian and also Ubuntu.

I installed them inside a virtual machine and started testing. The first one I tested was Debian, I got hit a lot with it due to the lack of knowledge at the time, it came totally empty, I was still adapting with the terminal, I found it totally different, but even so it was a very good experience, so much so that today I use this distribution to do some things.

Then I installed Fedora, a very light graphical interface, I liked it a lot, even before trying Ubuntu I was already deciding to stay with Fedora, however, calmly I decided to test Ubuntu for a few weeks, the installation was a little smoother, without much configuration, I started to realize that it was already a version more for users who do not want to waste time with more robust configurations and with a unique purpose, after I installed it, when it came time to research my IDE´s, I was surprised by the speed of finding the programs for him and that’s when I decided to dual boot with Ubuntu, because I still needed Windows to work with Photoshop and Corel Draw.

I’ve been using Ubuntu for three years. People ask me what is the best distribution many times, and I say that “they are all”, it all depends on how you will use it, all you have to do is use and train to adapt and never give much importance to Google information about it, because people who don’t get used to it, are accommodated people, who want everything in the installation’s “Next”. ”

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I would like once again to thank our reader for sharing his experience and encouraging you to do the same, get in touch and tell your story! Now it is your turn to comment on the matter; is Alex’s story similar to yours? What is your opinion on his testimony? Leave your thoughts here in the comments.

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