[alerta] Beware of fake emails that try to steal your data

From time to time, fake emails start circulating on the internet in an attempt to steal sensitive data from distracted people. This week, some Brazilian users received this type of message that tries to impersonate themselves Applein an attempt to get iCloud passwords.

The email is in English and follows the standard Apple look, so much so that anyone who is distracted does not realize that the message does not come from it. The return address is a valid company address and the message says “your account has been frozen for your protection“. The only way to unlock the account, according to the text, is to access the link and confirm your details.

The problem is that the suggested link does not lead to the Apple page, but to a clone. The domain altervista.org (an Italian site for creating free sites) reveals the scam.

Get smart and know some clues that can point to a fake email:

  • Always check before clicking if the links go where they say they go.
  • Note that the email address sent to you is the same as your Apple ID. Receiving the message in an email not registered with Apple is more than suspect.
  • Never access your Apple ID through links within emails. If you receive a message saying that there is a problem with your account, go directly to appleid.apple.com by typing in the browser.
  • Apple is unlikely to send you an important email regarding your security, in English. Apple already translates its communication into Portuguese, especially when it is something related to Apple ID.

Always be wary when you receive an email asking you to enter your connection details and always follow the steps above to make sure you are not falling for a scam. Thus, your iCloud or App Store account will always be protected.

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