Alert system for online IRS declarations reduces time to resolve irregularities

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The Finance Minister chaired today a presentation ceremony for the new alert system that will be introduced this year for IRS declarations delivered over the Internet. The system intends to significantly reduce irregularities in filling in the declarations, using the information gathered by the Tax Administration through public services, employers and private institutions.

The project, which culminates in 2008 with the automatic filling of part of the tax returns, starts this year with the introduction of an alert system that will notify the taxpayer whenever he provides information different from the one in possession of the services.

The taxpayer will have the chance to accept the alerts, changing the divergent data, or proceed with the completion by adding notes to the declaration that justify the divergence of data.

In the control phase of the information provided by the taxpayers, the computer tools are once again used by the services to alert the user of errors in their tax return, which even so have not been detected before. This notice will be given either by letter or by email being provided to the taxpayer a password that on the finance website will lead to irregularities detected by the services.

The idea is to reduce the period for resolving irregularities and reduce the number of calls to the tax offices to justify the divergence of information in the statements. Remember that so far, even for taxpayers who submit their statements online, the services only compared the information they already had with the information on the tax returns at a later stage than the delivery of the documents.

All irregularities detected in this phase were communicated by letter and required a visit to the tax offices to resolve the situation. According to one of those responsible for the project of the General Directorate of Contributions and Taxes, the introduction of interaction mechanisms online with the taxpayer – either when filling out the declarations or later – they can reduce the period for resolving irregularities by about six months.

Parish Councils help to increase the number of taxpayers who use the Internet to deliver the IRS

Teixeira dos Santos reiterated the Government’s commitment to dematerialization of the delivery of annual income statements and explained that until reaching this objective, tools – such as these – that have the capacity to help simplify the process of filling in and checking dde will progressively be made available. Dice.

Officials acknowledge that the number of taxpayers who submit their IRS statements via the Internet, after a certain level, will tend to stagnate. Anticipating this trend, the Government is preparing a set of initiatives that aim to increase the number of taxpayers who use the platform online. Next week, in partnership with the Ministry of Internal Administration, the possibility of using some Parish Councils in the country to submit the IRS declaration will be presented online.

João Amaral Tomaz, Secretary of State for Finance, said that the survey of the parish headquarters is being carried out with sufficient computer resources to welcome the initiative, a work that will be completed by next week. Other projects aimed at promoting the use of the Internet may be used for the same purpose, such as Net Sobre Rodas, the official said.

Remember that last year they used the platform online to file 3,884 million taxpayer tax returns. This year, approximately 1.5 million taxpayers have already used this facility, before ending the deadline for any of the IRS phases.

Teixeira dos Santos also took the opportunity to say that the introduction of the alert system will not have any impact on the deadlines for filing tax returns. In other words, the system will only be used in cases where the finances already have the necessary information to put it into practice, in particular the information provided by employers who obey delivery deadlines different from those required of taxpayers employed on account someone else’s.

The minister also stressed that the steps taken to dematerialize tax returns are essential for the creation of «an online taxpayer checking account», which in the short term will be essential to be able to deal with tax matters in any part of the country.

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