Alcatel-Lucent with new communication solutions for SMEs

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Betting on the partner network to get closer to small and medium-sized businesses, Alcatel-Lucent is streamlining a package of business communication solutions that includes telephony, VoIP and wired and wireless LAN infrastructure. According to the company, the solutions include integrated collaboration tools, providing web presence, unified messaging, shared access to contacts, calendars and documents, as well as phones.

In a scenario of more competitive competitiveness among communications companies, which have seen the SME market as an important development area, Alcatel-Lucent ensures that partners can build complete solutions from these packages, adapted to the needs of companies customers.

«In today’s competitive landscape, Alcatel-Lucent is committed to providing communications solutions that reduce unnecessary complexity for both companies and our business partners,» said Hubert de Pesquidoux, president of the business Alcatel-Lucent’s corporate strategy in a statement.

Alcatel-Lucent business communication solutions are available in more than 130 countries and the company has invested in the certification of its partners, now introducing a new Certification Program for the business solution with different training and certification options.

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