Alcatel-Lucent wants to double business in the Enterprise area in four years

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Alcatel-Lucent wants to double the value of the Enterprise business area in four years, a global and local objective. The area, which also includes business with the public sector, is strongly linked to the creation of basic infrastructures, namely in the area of ​​energy and transport, but also addresses business areas such as health, hotels and luxury housing.

The three sectors are those in which the company expects to do more business, along with the public sector, where several structural works are planned, such as high speed, new airport, etc.

In a meeting with journalists, Luis Eguiagaray, regional vice president of Industry & Public Sector for Europe, said that globally this area has a weight close to 10 percent in Alcatel-Lucent’s turnover. A value that in the European region is slightly higher, as in Portugal, as mentioned by Nuno Carvalho, responsible for the area for Portugal.

At European level, Alcatel-Lucent has just won the project for the creation of a 57 km long railway tunnel in Switzerland, inserted in a consortium that will receive more than one billion euros to carry out the work. Alcatel-Lucent will be responsible for implementing the IT infrastructure and the tunnel control system, alongside data and voice communications and all communications, a project that, in conference call, Michael Fabian, world group president for the Enterprise area, considered it of great importance for the company’s business. Another example is the agreement recently signed by the company for the development of a Wi-Fi network in the Italian province of Bergamo that will cover 220 thousand inhabitants, 45 thousand companies and 100 public bodies. This network will be completed by the end of 2008.

In Portugal the company has as division clients companies such as ANA, EDP, PT, Refer, CGD, among others. It intends to take advantage of the creation of new generation networks and multi-service networks that are beginning to gain prominence and gain prominence in the energy area, with the bet of players sector in renewable energies and new systems to support these energies. You also want to mark your position at high speed.

Summing up the various areas, Alcatel-Lucent’s annual turnover in Portugal is around 100 million euros.

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