Alcatel-Lucent shows how to create «Dynamic Company»

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Alcatel-Lucent held another edition of its annual business forum in Paris. The Dynamic Company was the concept at the center of the event that ends today and which in the two days is expected to total eight thousand visitors. The Enterprise Forum shows the company’s main products for the business segment, among offers already available on the market and news in the pipeline.

Mobility, security and collaboration are the strong areas of the company’s offer that, with the merger with Lucent, want to reinforce the offer in the security area and leave the focus on voice communications, in order to start addressing the market of Dice.

The vision led to the reorganization of some of the offers available on the market and, above all, to a greater integration of products, which responds to the need to always be connected that companies increasingly present to solution providers, as highlighted by the group’s president Patricia Russo , at the keynote that opened the event.

Alcatel-Lucent City demonstrates innovations

In the exhibition area of ​​the event, the host company occupied the most prominent place with the city Alcatel-Lucent, where the main proposals of the company were shown by areas: innovation, large capacity and small capacity.

In the innovation zone, Alcatel-Lucent showed a set of solutions that generally use technologies already made available by the company, arranged in new configurations, which will reach customers progressively until 2009.

Security and image were two concepts highlighted in the exhibition area, where security solutions for networks were demonstrated wireless and cabling, risk management, collaboration, asset tracking (using video to recognize people and assets with certain logos) and video conferencing (here applied to a system of providing primary health care at a distance).

Featured medical applications

In the remaining areas of exposure, Alcatel-Lucent highlighted some of the vertical industries with greater weight in its offer, such as health, both internationally and even locally. Here, one of the most curious demonstrations was that of a stethoscope that communicates readings made on a patient to portable equipment in graphic form. The data enters the hospital’s network wirelessly and can be viewed by more than one healthcare professional.

The equipment, which integrates a broader telemedicine system, is being used in a pilot in a Strasbourg hospital and in this context it facilitates communication between intern doctors and senior doctors and ensures that patient monitoring is more effective, since the data obtained from the monitoring carried out are placed on the network and viewed by more than one actor. There are no commercialization forecasts for the system.

The Contact Centers area also stood out in the exhibition, where different configurations of the Genesys system (a group company responsible for developing platforms to support this business) that address contact centers of different dimensions were shown.

Collaboration and security central to the business offer

Collaborative solutions dominated the area dedicated to the display of products for the high capacity market, with emphasis on the features that introduce in this type of products the ability to differentiate user profiles, which dictate the distinction in the range of features available to each professional. .

In terms of mobility and security, one of the highlights is the announcement of the launch of an HSDPA version of the OmniAccess 3500 Nonstop Laptop Guardian (NLG). Materialized in a PCMCIA card, the system offers a set of security features that allow you to keep a laptop connected to a corporate network, always located and updated.

Even when the computer is off, the system allows you to identify its location and support action in case of theft. The forecast for the beginning of commercialization of the product is the second half of the year.

Cristina A. Ferreira

note: The journalist traveled to Paris at the invitation of Alcatel.