Alcatel-Lucent losses decrease in the quarter

Microsoft revenue falls 14%

The manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent announced its financial results for the third quarter, reporting a decrease in losses compared to previous periods.

The company lost 40 million euros, a value that, although negative, marks a significant upward movement since in the same period last year there were losses in the order of 345 million euros.

According to Alcatel-Lucent, the results are due to a strategic change in the company, which will soon include a revision of the business model, which will become more profitable, and which may include the sale of close to 21 percent of participation in Thales, a slice that is worth something like 1.3 billion euros.

Even so, the company’s business continues to suffer the impact of the divestments of the telecommunications operators, its biggest customers. Sales in this market fell 13 percent compared to the same period last year, now standing at 2.73 billion euros.

In the past seven quarters, the company has struggled with negative results, which has already led to the resignation of the old board of directors. The posts are now secured by Ben Verwaayen and Philippe Camus.