Alcatel-Lucent closes 2007 with losses of 3.5 billion euros

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Alcatel-Lucent recorded net losses of 3.52 billion euros during the past fiscal year, the second since the merger between the French and North American companies, revealed today the leaders of the group, which closed 2007 with a reduction of 6 , 7 thousand jobs.

In the last quarter alone, the company lost 2.58 billion euros, compared to the 615 million euros of the same period in 2006. The company also indicates that the numbers tend to get worse, since for the first quarter of this year the numbers should remain on the «red line», which now leads the company to suspend dividends.

Removing the depreciation of assets, the loss was 48 million euros in the last quarter, while turnover rose to 5.23 billion euros, increasing 18 percent over the same period and 20 percent over the previous period .

Throughout the year, sales reached 17.8 billion euros. Depreciation, which negatively influenced the company, was mainly related to the third generation assets of the CDMA business, which is registering slower than expected sales.

Since the merger between Alcatel and Lucent in December 2006, the company has lost 59 percent of its value, although it continues to occupy the top position in the global telecommunications equipment sector.

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