Alcatel-Lucent announces new direction

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Alcatel-Lucent announced the company’s new top management after Patrícia Russo and chairman Serge Tchuruk announced their resignation at the end of July this year and after six consecutive quarters of losses.

The company will now be managed by Ben Verwaayen, CEO of British Telecom from February 2002 until 1 June this year, while Philippe Camus, partner of the investment group Evercore Partner, director of the media group, will be in charge of the chairmanship. Lagardère and former CEO of European Aeronautic Defense and Space.

Prior to his six-year stint as BT’s CEO, Ben Verwaayen was vice president of Lucent and, in the 1980s, he worked at ITT, Alcatel’s predecessor.

Ben Verwaayen will occupy the position that until the end of July was in the hands of Patricia Russo and will take control of a company that in two years of merger has destroyed investors’ expectations by presenting negative financial results each quarter. Philippe Camus takes over from Alcatel-Lucent on 1 October, replacing Serge Tchuruk.

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