Alcatel creates unit dedicated to Mobile TV

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Alcatel announced the creation of a new unit dedicated to Mobile TV. In a statement, the company explains that Alcatel Mobile Broadcast intends to become a player relevant in this new market segment that the company sees as promising and of high interest to the user.

The objective of the new unit is to develop solutions that allow to overcome one of the main current limitations of TV services on mobile phones and that go through the additional need for infrastructure. It is already possible to transmit several television channels over the mobile network, but it is difficult to provide all users of the same cell with effective coverage.

It is at this level that Alcatel wants to act to allow the development of multimedia services for mobile customers, in an economical way and with an effective coverage, details the statement explaining that the main recipients of these solutions will be network operators and broadcasters.

The new unit will be coordinated by Olivier Coste, who since 2004 has served as senior vice president of strategy and business development for Alcatel Space.

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