Alcatel concludes merger with Lucent Techologies for the communications market

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The merger of the French manufacturer with Lucent Techonologies is completed. From now on, the company changes its name to Alcatel-Lucent, acting as a provider of voice, data and video communication solutions. In the next three years, joint revenues of around 1.4 billion euros are expected.

The new organization has «one of the world’s largest communication R&D capabilities» and is based in the French capital. Alcatel-Lucent’s Board of Directors is entrusted to Serge Tchuruk, who considers the company «a partner» for its customers, «with the dimension and scale to design, build and manage increasingly complex networks that offer advanced convergence services. and a communication experience for users, «he said in a statement.

The company’s work will focus on execution, innovation and services in the telecommunications sector. The network transformation area is one of Alcatel-Lucent’s focuses, which already assumes itself as a «leader in IPTV, broadband access, IP, IMS and next generation networks, and 3G (UMTS and CDMA)».

Alfredo Redondo is responsible for the Iberian Regional Unit, which operates in Spain, Portugal and Andorra as a division dedicated to sales and technical support, with full responsibility for conducting business in its area.

The former president of Alcatel’s activities in Iberia and Latin America will lead the relationship between the company and Telefónica and, at the same time, will assume the position of CEO of the legal entity of Alcatel-Lucent Spain, in Madrid.

With the merger of the two companies, the dismissal of nine thousand employees and the centralization of operations in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North, Europe and South and North America markets are foreseen, says the press release. The changes to be registered in the Portuguese structure have not yet been revealed.

In the next three years, the company expects to reach 1.4 billion euros «in annual cost synergies before taxes».

With 79,000 employees and operations in more than 130 countries, Alcatel-Lucent has a global industry service team and one of the largest research, technology and innovation divisions in the telecommunications industry. The company, which has 2.7 billion euros invested in Research and Development and holds 25 thousand active patents, reached in 2005 the 18.6 billion euros in combined pro forma revenues.

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