Alcatel and Oracle present joint solution in the area of ​​billing

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Alcatel and Oracle have joined forces to develop and market a charging solution for the telecommunications area that will allow operators to offer the same level of service to their customers, regardless of the type of subscription or access concerned, the companies announce in a statement .

Through the partnership, Alcatel will be responsible for the network-related structure, including types of access, provisioning, session supervision, online / offline mediation, as well as the real-time rating engine and the product of billing.

The solution will be pre-integrated in the Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications of Oracle’s E-Business Suite. In addition, Oracle will provide a unique application for data management, consumer presentations and workflows. The solution should also implement an «order-to-cash» process and include activation of the operator’s Intelligent Network (IN).

With the billing jointly proposed by Alcatel and Oracle, a monthly subscriber may ask the network operator for real-time cost control for particularly expensive services, such as international calls, data services, etc., suggest companies as an example for the mobile services area, in the statement.

According to its promoters, the application will also allow operators to know when service users reach their targets. plafonds and thereby notify them, deactivate the service in question, apply a bonus in real time, give the user immediate access to their balance, etc.

The solution billing Alcatel and Oracle will be introduced in detail during the 3GSM World, which starts next Monday, February 13, from stand telecommunications company.

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