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Akitio's New External Drive Has Intel SSD and Thunderbolt 3

Two weeks ago, we talked about Samsung's new external SSD with connection Thunderbolt 3 that brings dizzying read and write speeds. Now this peripheral of Akitio It has a similar nature but appeals to a very different kind of audience.

The Californian company may not be well-known to the general public, but it has already gained a certain tradition from advanced users in its line of high-performance Mac and PC peripherals. An example of this is the SSD drawer. Node Lite, whose new special red edition is precisely the news that we are dealing with here.

Akitio Node Lite Red, SSD External Drive

This blood-red edition differs from its more discreet sister (besides color, of course) by the inclusion of a Intel Optane 960GB NVMe SSDIt is capable of delivering very high performance to users who need stratospheric transfer rates. The two Thunderbolt 3 ports guarantee 2.6GB / s read speed and 2.2GB / s write speed!

In addition, a DisplayPort port (and the extra Thunderbolt port itself) makes the red Node Lite act as a hub, since you can connect accessories like an external GPU, a monitor or some other peripheral directly through the accessory. Obviously, the idea here is not to make the eyes of users more discreet: the bright red, combined with the window on the side of the product and the LEDs that illuminate the SSD inside make the accessory a really flashy unit if you don't like it, you have to Purchase the “traditional” Node Lite (gray) and Intel SSD separately.

The red Node Lite comes out $ 1,500 It's priced at Amazon, which may seem pretty salty, but considering that only the Intel Optane 960GB costs $ 1,200 separately, it might not be that bad. Did you like it?

via 9to5Mac