AirUnleashed is * the * alternative to those dreaming of AirPower

Look at the image above, which illustrates the top of this article. Do you think the late Apple AirPower? You are mistaken.

This one AirUnleashed, a product that spares no effort in copying Ma's product design that never sees the light of day because it has not met the company's “high standards” in this article here, we discuss possible reasons why Apple canceled it.

In addition to the almost identical look to AirPower (only 12mm thick), AirUnleashed also proposes to recharge three devices simultaneously: an iPhone, an Apple Watch and the AirPods Charging Case or any other Qi-compatible smartphone, clear.

Obviously, inside there is nothing like what Apple was trying to do with AirPower. We probably only have three side by side electromagnetic coils, so I need to position each device in an exact location for recharging to take place. In the case of Apple Watch, there is even a sunken circle that indicates where it should be. No wonder AirUnleashed really exists.

The bad news that the company responsible for AirUnleashed was also inspired by Apple to set its price: only $ 99 by product, plus shipping and possible import taxes. It comes with a USB cable, but does not include a plug adapter. Oh well

We have also compiled other cool alternatives to AirPower, worth checking out.

via AnandTech