“AirTags” may arrive in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of this year

“AirTags” may arrive in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of this year

At this point, all the attention of the technology industry is focused on the supposed Apple event that will happen in March (on the 31st, perhaps). The stars of the keynote are already more or less defined, with the new iPad Pro and the “iPhone 9” as headliners; among other awaited news, we hoped we could see Apple’s tracking devices for the first time, until now known as «AirTags».

Well… apparently, it won’t be the case.

In a new note sent to investors, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the production of ultra-wideband trackers is starting now: the Universal Scientific Industrial, based in Shanghai (China), will be responsible for producing around 60% of SiPs (Systems-in-a-Package) which will equip the “AirTags”, and the production pace should only reach a reasonable level in the second or third quarter.

In other words, if Kuo is correct, there is no chance of seeing “AirTags” in March. Of course, we have the possibility for Apple to make a preliminary presentation of the trackers to release them just months later, but … well, considering certain recent embarrassments also endowed with the prefix “Air”, I would bet that Apple no longer wants to hear about presentations long before the product launch date. Perhaps a demonstration at the next WWDC or at the traditional September event is more likely?

Anyway, Kuo bets that “AirTags” will represent a good improvement in the overall experience brought by iOS:

We believe that the ultra-wideband tracker will enhance the user experience of the Buscar app on iOS and augmented reality (AR) applications by offering short distance measurement functions.

It now remains to know the details about the product – it is the details, such as price and compatibility with older products, that will determine the degree of success of the “AirTags”. We’ll see.

via MacRumors