AirPower Reference Appears in Guide for iPhones XS / XS Max

AirPower Reference Appears in Guide for iPhones XS / XS Max

Earlier this week, we commented on some of the possible technical difficulties Apple faces that could hypothetically postpone (or perhaps cancel) the launch of its infamous induction charger, Airpower.

Now the owners of the brand new XS / XS Max iPhones They are taking to the social networks a curious detail about the accessory in the introduction guide of these devices, suggesting that there is still hope for the Apple Wireless Charger.

But they definitely mention it (the AirPower) in the new iPhone XS Max manual.

Place iPhone face-up on the AirPower or Qi-certified wireless charger. You can also use the Lightning connector to charge iPhone and connect accessories.

It is unclear why Apple left the reference to AirPower in the manuals for iPhones XS / XS Max, since after the launch of these devices, it removed almost all mentions of the charger from its site. On the day of the special event, held earlier this month, the company also declined to discuss device development with journalists.

So silence and rumors about production problems culminated in speculation that Apple had discontinued AirPower even before it was launched. However, perhaps the fact that she mentioned the charger in these manuals indicates that the company planned to start selling with the new iPhones.

In addition, the 9to5Mac reviewed the iOS 12.1 beta codes released this week, and noted that Apple's mobile operating system component is responsible for managing the loading interface that appears when the used AirPower was updated, which may mean that Apple is still actively working. on the device.

Originally, AirPower was created to recharge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPod case at the same time. As we said, a report released this week suggested that Apple is facing a number of issues involving heat management, device communication, and some mechanical and device interference issues.

Do you believe we will still see AirPower this year? Tell us your theory!