AirPower could (finally) hit the market in September for $ 150

AirPower could (finally) hit the market in September for $ 150

The situation of wireless charger Airpower One thing, as far as I remember, points (and awkwardly) to Apple. The accessory was presented almost a year ago, and since then, its mentions by Ma have been rare and crossed date of release or price, then, are elements that at the moment are but speculation or a distant dream.

However, the hallelujah choirs sound, that may change: according to the Chinese site Chongdiantou (Google Translate), which quotes “people inside the industry,” AirPower can finally hit the market in next month (possibly after their release details were released during the September keynote), corroborating previous rumors published by Bloomberg.

The price? About 1,000 yuan, or, making the conversion, about $ 145 rounding up, $ 150Which seems to be a little less than the old rumors said and befitting most guesswork about how much this new Apple accessory will cost.

Of course, we will have to wait and see if the reliable source should note that the Chinese site that brought the bore is the same as it published a few weeks ago photos of the new 18W USB-C chargers that should accompany the new iPhones.

With respect to AirPower, at this point we can only paraphrase the Clube da Esquina: “Are you coming? Or is it too late? ”

via 9to5Mac