AirPods reach the top of Best Buy's bestseller list

Apple threw a bucket of cold water at the heads of those who waited for the announcement of the new generation of AirPods during his last special event, held at the end of last month. Although everyone is eager to meet the “AirPods 2” (they have already received an important certification to be able to actually be launched), the first generation of Ma wireless headphones is synonymous with success and, even two years after the launch , continues to sell very well, thank you.

In fact, sales are so good that AirPods topped the list of best sellers in the past month. Best Buy, as disclosed by Thinknum. Last September, the gadget was second in the same list only in October they reached, for the first time, the best position among the best selling products.

THE Thinknum tracks Best Buy's sales and compiles this data into a list of best-selling products released every month. According to information collected by them, AirPods reached an average rating of 11.38 (the lower, the better ranked) and appeared among the most popular products on the Best Buy website for 29 days of the month; this led them to overcome the Amazon Fire TV Stick which came in second in the last month, with an average rating of 14.62.

In addition, the third place on the list was also occupied by an Apple product (more specifically, an accessory). O dongle for headphones with the 3.5mm connector was the third most sold item by Best Buy in October 2018.

While this is curious, not surprisingly since Apple stopped offering the dongle with iPhones 7 and later, and now the accessory needs to be purchased separately.

Other Apple products that made the list include the Lightning to USB cable and the Lightning to Digital AV adapter. The Lightning version of EarPods also entered the list released this month showing the power of Apple accessories and how the company should make money from them!



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