Wireless headphones latency table

AirPods Pro latency is less than that of “common” models

As we know, the AirPods Pro offer a number of advanced (and new) features over previous models of Apple wireless headsets, such as noise cancellation; but for this, few expected: the musician / developer Stephen Coyle managed to prove that latency AirPods Pro is smaller (therefore, better) than that of “common” models.

It is worth noting that latency is not an issue when playing videos, as the software adjusts both audio and video tracks to ensure that they are synchronized correctly. In this sense, latency is a problem for “sporadic” sounds, such as sound effects in games, notification alerts, system sounds, etc.

To compare the Bluetooth latency on Apple headphones (including First and second generation AirPods, the AirPods Pro it’s the Beats Studio3 Wireless), in addition to devices from other manufacturers (such as the Sony WH-CH700N), Coyle used the standard iOS keyboard and a game he developed called Tapt 2 – which was developed with a specific need for low audio latency.

So, the difference between the iOS keyboard sounds and the game is that it keeps an audio session open, unlike the system sound. To measure the time of occurrence of the sounds (and the time of each one), he used a metronome set at 90bpm.

Wireless headphones latency table

The results, as predicted, favored the AirPods Pro: while the first generation model, which uses the Apple W1 chip, had a latency of 274 milliseconds, the second generation headphones, equipped with the new Apple H1 chip, registered latency 178ms. The recently launched AirPods Pro, which use the same H1 chip, achieved even better results, at 144ms.

Compared to other models of wireless headsets – the Beats Studio3 and the Sony WH-CH700N – Apple headphones (with the exception of the first generation AirPods) experienced lower latency, showing how much Apple has been improving this technology .

New AirPods sales forecasts

We do not comment today on the extraordinary sales of AirPods in 2019. Now, to reinforce the popularity of headphones in the market, the analyst Toni Sacconaghi, from Bernstein, released some surprising numbers – as informed by CNBC.

According to Sacconaghi, Apple pocketed $ 6 billion only with sales of AirPods this year – and the numbers are even more promising for 2020. According to the analyst, Apple may sell up to 85 million of AirPods next year – totaling around $ 15 billion in recipe!

If the winds continue to blow in favor of AirPods, Saccanaghi points out that headphones will become Apple’s third largest product by 2021 – but it is important to be cautious about this, especially if market saturation becomes an issue.

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