AirPods Pro firmware is updated to version 2D27

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In early May, Apple released a new version of firmware From AirPods Pro (2D15) in order to correct a supposed drop in the quality of the resource Active Noise Cancellation, generated by the previous update (2C54). Today, Apple released a new update, 2D27.

As always, Apple does not provide details about the updates themselves, but as many users have continued to complain about the Active Noise Canceling performance, it is very likely that the new firmware will come with improvements in that regard – in addition to the traditional general improvements and bug fixes. .

Automatic switching of devices when using AirPods

It’s worth noting that AirPods Pro will gain some incredible new features on iOS / iPadOS 14, such as automatic device switching, spatial audio, end of battery notifications and sound adjustment to your hearing – in addition to the audio sharing feature on tvOS 14 -, then it is possible that the firmware released today has some connection with these news.

The update is applied automatically and completely silently – when you use the headphones and they connect to the iPhone / iPad, the update will be done at some point. You can check the firmware version of your AirPods at Settings »General» About »AirPods; they need to be paired with the iPhone in order to view this information.

If you have already upgraded your AirPods Pro to 2D27 and notice something new / different – like improvements in Active Noise Cancellation – comment below! ?

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Update Jun 23, 2020 at 17:58

The new firmware version of the AirPods Pro was wrong (2D17 instead of 2D27), we corrected the information. Thank you, Valter Araujo.