AirPods Pro: 10 tips and tricks to make the most of

Find out how to best take advantage of all the features of AirPods Pro in this uncomplicated and hinty guide.

TheAirPods Proare the best wireless headphones ever releasedApple until then. They represent a considerable evolution in relation to AirPods traditional. Atdifferences start with the design, but the main improvement is the presence of noise cancellation, which allows you to eliminate the audio from the environment to keep the sound clean, even if there is no music playing at the moment.

Even though practicality is the law and norm in Apple, maybe some extra care can optimize the life of your headphones, since, in theory, AirPods Pro they are not the most affordable option available on the market. Anyway, I’m careful here in the Showmetech and then we share 10 tips and tricks that promise to make your musical and listening experience even more remarkable. Check out:

First of all, the case

Illustration of the AirPods Pro case, where the battery is chargedThe AirPods Pro case is also responsible for charging the device

There is nothing more fair than starting a list of AirPods Pro from the moment they leave the case. It is designed more efficiently, which allowed the headphones to occupy the smallest possible space inside it.

In this way, it was possible to include a bigger battery. Exactly for this reason, AirPods are positioned fairly tightly. At first glance, they seem to give no space to be pulled from the base, but just push the back of each side so that they come out smoothly. Caution first, for your headphones do not fall on the floor, t?

One side (double autonomy)

The AirPods Pro can be used both on both sides and separately. This does not require much complication. Take just one of the headphones out of the box and pair it normally with your iPhone to start listening.

The trick itself prevents you from making the most of stereo audio technology, but it allows you to use one headset at a time whenever the battery runs out, multiplying autonomy offered by the charging case. Extending the time of use always seems a good thing, right?

Recharging your AirPods Pro

Okay, the battery is over. Is there any tips for that? Of course yes! important to know, first of all, that AirPods s can be refilled inside the case. So, see if they are always loaded.

Your headphones have 4.5 hours of music time. With the battery present in the case, you gain an additional 24 hours of music autonomy, without the need for an outlet (28.5 hours in total). When this is over, simply plug it into a power source or use your wireless charger. In the second option, the user needs a base compatible with the wireless charging Qi standard.

Essential: Checking the upload

Image of 3 cases, two of them with a small green dot of light.Verify essential charging when using AirPods Pro

This is one of those essential tricks that looks and feels like a mallet, but is indispensable. This is because it is possible to check the battery charge level when using a wireless charger. When positioning the case on a charging base, the box emits an LED warning that the refueling has started, but soon goes out and does not turn on again.

Exclusively AirPods Pro, the user can check if the charge is already full by touching the surface of the case: if the light is already orange, charging is not yet finished and, if it is green, the battery is complete.

Your iPhone as an external microphone

This one requires a little more experience and the function Live Listen iOS. Through it, your iPhone can serve as an external microphone that picks up the audio from the environment and sends it to AirPods Pro. The useful feature is to use it as a feedback or to better listen to a person who is talking far away: the cell phone can send the audio to the AirPods over a distance of more than 30 meters.

To use this trick, you only need two steps. First, access the menu Control Center we Settings your iPhone and enable the function Listening. Then, just open the Control Center again and activate the new button to start picking up the sound from the phone and listening in the wireless headset.

The unmissable noise cancellation

Noise canceling the flagship of the new AirPods Pro

The big star cancellation mode and perhaps the main reason for purchasing the AirPods Pro. The technology uses the device's microphones to identify sounds from the environment and isolate them from the user's ears. As a result, the person with the headphones hears much less than what happens around them and can to concentrate in calls, music, podcasts and audiobooks.

possible enable or disable the feature in two ways: by quickly pressing and holding the handset until you hear a beep or you can open the Control Center of your smartphone, press and hold the headset icon located inside the volume bar to see the mode options.

Rudo fence

A good seal is essential to experience the effect of active noise cancellation. To verify that you are using the correct tip size, you will need to access the Settings in the Bluetooth option. Other than that, it is also necessary to lightly click the button i, located next to the name of your AirPods.

After all these steps, just access the ticket Tip Adjustment Test. To do this, you may need to have a different size for each ear.

Same music, two AirPods Pro

Image mounted on the right cell phone screen showing the volume control of two AirpodsOne of the coolest news is the possibility of listening to music on more than one device

IPhone users can hear the same sound synchronously in up to two pairs of AirPods Pro. When an audio is already playing on a AirPods Pro, open the “Control Center” of the cell phone and touch the blue icon with a triangle and three circles next to the media buttons. Then select Share audio and select the second AirPods.

The sound will start playing in both headphones at the same time, allowing you to listen to the same music with someone nearby discreetly. The feature is available starting with iOS 13.1.

I lost my AirPod, what do I do?

Apple's device discovery tool can help you find a AirPods Pro lost. On an iPhone that has already been paired with the headset, open the "Search" application and select the device from your list of devices.

The location will be noted on the map, as well as the time of the last time the position was updated. The user can obtain the route to the address or make the headphones emit a sound.

proof of everything?

Even resistant, they are not waterproofIf your focus is physical exercise, some care is needed with your AirPods Pro

Another important detail for those who wish to exercise. The AirPods Pro they are resistant to water and sweat, but not waterproof. You can use them to perform physical activities, but not in exercise and water sports, such as swimming, or while bathing.

After exercise, intense sweating or splashing water and before placing AirPods Pro in the wireless charging case, clean them with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

The AirPods Pro they are a novelty for 2020 that should win a series of fans throughout the year. With practicality and comfort as a foundation, the new devices of the Apple perhaps it will evolve the way we consume audio and entertainment in the future. What did you think of the tips and tricks? Are you going to apply them? Share with us what you found in the comments.

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