AirPods get their second firmware update and arrive at version 3.7.2

The first update for AirPods was made available by Apple in early February and arrived to fix some bugs. Today, the company released the second firmware update for its wireless headphones, the verse 3.7.2 (a nice jump from the old one, 3.5.1).

The update is done automatically and silently, if the headphones are connected to the iPhone (with internet access) the likelihood that you have already updated without knowing, for example, great.

AirPods Firmware 3.5.2

To see if your AirPods have the new firmware, v on iPhone at General Settings About AirPods. Since Apple does not report anything at all about updates to its wireless headphones, we have no way of knowing exactly what has changed. However, we can easily risk that these are, once again, bug fixes and general adjustments.



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