Counterpoint survey on AirPods and wireless headsets

AirPods are the most popular wireless headsets in the US, but not for sound quality

We already know that AirPods they are a success – just look, for example, that Apple sold more units of the accessory than iPhones in the first two years of their lives. A survey released today by Counterpoint Research quantifies this idea and gives us a sample of why consumers (in the United States, specifically) like Apple headphones so much.

The firm conducted an online survey of more than 200 US consumers of headphones and found that Apple is the brand most preferred by the American public, with 19% mentions. The advantage of the Apple, however, is small: the Sony comes next with 17%, while the Samsung has 16% of users’ preference. THE Beats, which has a separate place in the survey, came in fifth place, with 6% of mentions.

Even more interesting is to note the factors that lead users to prefer Apple or other brands. Interestingly (or not), the sound quality was the reason any less cited as determinant by those who choose Apple: the most cited factors were comfort / fit (68%), ease of use (56%), portability (44%) and, only then, sound quality (41%).

For comparison, 72% of users who chose Bose as their favorite brand cited sound quality as a determining factor in the decision.

Counterpoint survey on AirPods and wireless headsets

Although the popularity of AirPods is not that superior to that of the competition, sales of the accessory put all rivals in the shoes: according to Counterpoint estimates, Apple headphones accounted for about 75% of sales of all headphones without world in 2018, which represents about 35 million of dispatched units.

Considering that the wireless headset market will grow alarmingly – from 46 million units shipped in 2018 to an estimated 129 million in 2020, according to Counterpoint – Apple has the knife and cheese in hand to make AirPods even more powerful. A new generation can help a lot in this task, even.

via AppleInsider