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AirPods are the “audible” most desired by US consumers

A few weeks ago, we talked here about how Apple was handily dominating the market for “Audible” (wireless headphones), holding more than half of the segment. Well, apparently, the Apple can sit back and relax: if it depends on the data collected by Counterpoint Research, the situation will not change in the near future.

The firm did a survey of consumers in the United States and found that Apple is the most cited brand, by far, among those that potential customers think of when they design their next purchase in the industry. Specifically speaking, 57% of respondents stated that they have the AirPods preference in a future purchase of “audible” devices.

The following marks in the survey were the Bose (39%), the Samsung (33%), Sony (31%) and the Beats (26%) – which is a subsidiary of Apple, but was separated from the mothership for statistical purposes. It is worth noting that the consumers interviewed could mention more than one brand in their responses, which explains the sum of the percentages above 100%.

According to the consumers surveyed, the preference for Apple is due to factors such as ease of use, comfort and portability – as in another survey, last March, the “sound quality” factor was not among the most cited by users.

Almost 60% of users said they already have a pair of wireless headphones, and of these, just under half purchased their audible devices more than a year ago; 40% plan to buy a new pair over the next year – which is also great news for Apple.

It remains to be seen, now, whether Amazon’s arrival on the market will cause a significant damage to Apple’s dominance among audible ones. Do you think so?

AirPods with wireless charging case

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