Rumors: New Super-Fast Charging and Dark Mode AirPods on iOS 13

AirPods are among the most desired electronics for this Christmas, research reveals

The Christmas season is always special, whether for those more attached to religious meanings or for those who do not wait to win or give gifts and there is no problem in identifying with the two, incidentally. What can not deny that the entire market is hopeful to see profits rise in the period leading up to the date.

And one of the most popular segments today is electronics. Today, there are a variety of options that can be attractive from the most passionate to those who are now being introduced to new technologies. And, according to the Adobe Analytics, one of the most desired electronics by Americans in the Christmas season of 2017 are the AirPods.

AirPod being placed to charge with hands

The expectation that online sales in this period of the year will reach up to US $ 107.4 billion, an increase of 13.8% in relation to last year. In relation to sales in physical stores, an increase of only 10% is expected.

Based on Adobe Analytics, the data shows that desktops can basically account for two-thirds of total online sales revenue, but mobile devices are likely to be the starting point for many consumers. For the first time, traffic on the web from smartphones and tablets may be greater than that from desktops, representing about 54% and 46% of accesses, respectively.

The day that will most contribute to the end of year revenue is the Cyber ​​Monday, which can generate around US $ 6.6 billion in sales, bringing a growth of 16.5% compared to last year. The famous American holiday of the Day of Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) should also see an increase of 15%, managing to generate US $ 2.8 billion in sales.

Of course, these numbers represent a myriad of electronic products, including Sony's PlayStation VR, home assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, and many others.

Although nothing is explicit in the research, do I believe that we can also include in this list the iPhones X, which were officially launched today, in the same?

via Apple World Today