Airplus Tv asks new jury for the DTT contest

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Airplus Tv delivered to Anacom a request for the appointment of a new evaluation committee for the Digital Terrestrial Television contest. The company, the only competitor of PT in the tender for the management of paid DTT channels, wants the procedure for analyzing the proposals to be repeated, and that this reassessment be done by another team.

«This jury did not demonstrate the skills and competence required to evaluate a process of this nature», considered the president of the Swedish company in Portugal, Luís Nazaré, quoted by Diário de Notícias.

The official guarantees that in the Application Analysis and Assessment Report, Airplus TV Portugal obtained a better classification in four of the seven analyzed criteria. They are technologically innovative solutions, interoperability, information society; quality of the technical plan; qualification of the television offer; dissemination of creative works in Portuguese.

The criteria in question would be the most important, but even so the highest score was attributed to PT, which totaled 85 points, against 57 points on AirPlus Tv.

The company claims that there were «formal irregularities, patents throughout the process» and considers that the scoring criteria were used arbitrarily. «There is no single, concrete and objective classification scale,» added Luis Nazaré at a meeting with the press.

«The jury even penalizes Airplus TV Portugal’s proposal due to the printing colors of some maps, but did not request clarification during the evaluation period, as it did with Portugal Telecom», says Luís Nazaré.

Anacom has not yet commented on Airplus TV’s request.

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