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AirPlus does not give up on DTT process

AirPlus does not give up on DTT process

The several setbacks in the licensing process for Digital Terrestrial Television have not caused AirPlus to give up on annulling the decision. Anacom has already approved the license to Portugal Telecom, winner of the tender, but the only alternative competitor continues to contest the decision.

According to a report in today’s Diário Económico, the operator of Swedish origin, led by Luís Nazaré, is going to proceed with a new precautionary measure and says he is willing to go «until the last consequences», writes that newspaper.

A precautionary measure may delay the license granting process, but Anacom may still invoke the public interest for the second time, which would suspend the effects of the precautionary measure. The case is expected to go to court in the coming weeks.

Portugal Telecom has already reinforced the deposit required by the license for the 25 million euros, with the issue of the title granting the right to use the frequencies by Anacom missing, which should happen in the next three weeks, writes the same newspaper.