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Airplus advances with precautionary measure request for DTT

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Keeping its challenge to the results of the evaluation of the proposals for the allocation of Digital Terrestrial Television licenses, Airplus TV yesterday delivered to the Administrative Court of Lisbon a precautionary measure to suspend the effectiveness of the tender and an action to challenge the same procedure.

The company led by Luís Nazaré disputes the alleged use of evaluation parameters that were not defined in the elements put out to public tender. Airplus had already threatened that it could go to court and advanced the possibility of asking for a new jury to evaluate the proposals.

In a statement, the company again contested the «alteration of the rules of the game», stating that new evaluation parameters were disclosed in the public act of submission of proposals.

It has already been hypothesized that this challenge could delay the start of DTT in Portugal – whose licenses were granted to PT in subscription and open signal services – but Minister Santos Silva assured Jornal de Negócios that the deadlines foreseen for the implementation of DTT in Portugal they will be met, stating that «the deadlines for these tenders always include a forecast of suspensions like this».

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