AirPlay 2 code is “cracked” to support incompatible devices

AirPlay 2 code is “cracked” to support incompatible devices

It is possible to say that most situations in the technological world are just a matter of time before they happen, especially in the hacker world, where constantly new technologies and products pass through the hands of experts in unraveling them – like the AirPlay 2, which was “Cracked” recently.

Announced in mid-2017 (and released only with iOS 11.4), Apple’s broadcast protocol is becoming compatible with more and more devices; however, there are still a huge number of gadgets that are not supported by technology.

To “solve” this problem, a trio of developers worked for a long time to break the barriers of AirPlay 2 – and this happened this week. The original announcement was made in a group on Slack and later published in a discussion on GitHub that started in 2017.

Guys… are you ready? I can finally confirm that AirPlay 2 is working, including multi-room! Data from streaming properly recovered, decrypted and decoded audio files!

Hackers used reverse engineering techniques to understand how AirPlay 2 works and, thus, to be able to change the Apple code responsible for allowing devices with protocol support to connect to iGadgets.

It is worth noting, however, that breaking the Apple protocol was just the first step for developers, who still need to automate this action in an app or other type of software, in addition to hardware that can run it – such as Raspberry Pi, launched in 2012 and which helped “crack”The first version of AirPlay.

With this, it will be possible to take the features of AirPlay 2 to almost any device, even if it does not offer native support for the protocol. Of course, perhaps these days this option is not so urgent, since several smart TVs and speakers already support Apple technology; still, it will be interesting to monitor the potential of this.

via 9to5Mac