Airbnb allows you to share payments with up to 16 people on group trips

Airbnb allows you to share payments with up to 16 people on group trips

Airbnb has launched a worldwide feature that allows you to share payments with a group of up to 16 people. The novelty had already appeared on the platform in the middle of the year, but in a limited way and in the nature of tests – but now it is available to everyone. To split the bill, guests for the trip must pay within 72 hours of the invitation, with an additional allowance of 24 hours in case of delays, from the time of booking. The option to accept payment in groups also varies according to the decision of the owner of the property to be rented.

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The split payment is normally made, as a common booking, by charging the credit card split fees for each of the trip participants.

1 of 2 AirBnb – Photo: Disclosure / AirBnb

AirBnb – Photo: Disclosure / AirBnb

Until then, only one person could book the rental of a house or room, for example, with a one-time charge. The news was one of the biggest requests from Airbnb users in recent months, especially after Brian Chesky, one of the founders of the platform, asked his Twitter followers what news everyone wanted to see in 2017.

Airbnb guarantees that it has tested the functionality with more than 80 thousand groups in the last months, in 175 different countries, using 44 different currencies. The novelty can avoid headaches, such as not receiving the quota of each guest to pay for the trip or loss of amounts when it comes to replacing values.

2 of 2 AirBnb now allows you to share the value of group travel – Photo: Press Release / AirBnb

AirBnb now allows sharing the value of group travel – Photo: Disclosure / AirBnb

From that, Airbnb promises further improvements to the platform, to give more possibilities to those traveling in groups and using unique means of payment.