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AirBattery brings to Android the interface that shows the AirPods battery

One of the most practical and fantastic things about AirPods we can simply open their case next to the iPhone to not only make their initial configuration, but to check the battery status.

Although AirPods can be used as conventional Bluetooth headsets on Androids, this functionality in itself is unique to iOS. Or it was.

With the app AirBattery, available for free on Google Play, owners of Android devices can have an interface very similar to that and, thus, easily view the battery status of the case and each AirPod part.

One of the porns that, on Android, AirPods only report the battery status in 10% increments, that is, not absolutely accurate. In addition, it is worth noting that the charging case itself does not have a Bluetooth transmitter; to get the status of his battery, I need at least one of the AirPods parts to be inside it.

We focus on chatting here on AirPods, but AirBattery also works with other headsets equipped with the W1 chip including BeatsX, Powerbeats3 Wireless and Beats Solo3 Wireless. Soon, he will gain support for Beats Studio3 Wireless.

Not perfect, but better than nothing!

tip from @ernanineto, via 9to5Google