AIR Center confirms improvement of air quality in Portugal during the pandemic

AIR Center confirms improvement of air quality in Portugal during the pandemic

With Governments defining the state of emergency in many countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact has been felt in reducing pollution. The most recent data from the AIR Center, obtained through images from the European satellite Copernicus Sentinel 5P, demonstrate a dramatic reduction in NO2 levels in Portugal.

The images obtained and processed by AIR Center experts between 10 and 28 March reveal a dramatic reduction in NO2 levels due to the reduction in economic activity and mobility levels. In the case of Lisbon, the most significant reduction, reaching 80% in some places in the capital, and in Porto, the reduction reaches 60% in some parts of the city. The analysis records one of the expected impacts of the emergency situation, with the reduction of NO2 emissions from sectors such as transport and industry.

In March, scientists at the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) used the Copernicus Sentinel satellite to monitor both weather and pollution around Europe. Nitrogen dioxide reductions are also noticeable in European cities as can be seen on the map, during the same quarantine period as Covid-19.

Italy, Spain and France are the countries most affected by the coronavirus in Europe, noting a reduction in pollution in their capitals, but also in Milo, one of the Italian cities that most felt the pandemic. The recorded images correspond to a period of March 14-25 this year, when compared to the average concentrations in the same period of 2019.

Citymapper's Mobility Index data also shows the impact of reduced car mobility within 41 cities worldwide. The graphics, made by Visual Capitalist, give a very clear vision of what social detachment and confinement at home is doing in the activity of the main urban centers.

Lisbon is just after Vienna as one of the most drastic falls in travel in the first weeks of March, registering a 116% change. The list also includes Istanbul, Barcelona, ​​Brussels and So Paulo, in Brazil.