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AI: Trail Audi concept car that uses drones as headlights

Audi introduced a concept of off-road car that is very different from what we have seen on the market, the Audi AI: Trail. He is completely electric and uses drones to light his way instead of the traditional headlights. The company even demonstrated in a video how aircraft would be used and gave more details about the vehicle.

According to Audi, the drones are able to land on a support on the vehicle roof or directly on the roof, where they can be recharged. They are designed for low power consumption, are lightweight and are able to completely replace headlights, according to the company. They are also able to generate images from above with the cameras they carry, transmitting via WiFi to the car dashboard and assisting with driving.

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In addition to this unusual way of keeping the road lit, he was introduced alongside three other cars, all from the AI ​​family. Only the AI: Con, Ai: Me and AI: Race cars. The Trail model has a 22 inch wheel and a battery that allows it to travel from 400 to 500km and is designed for riding out of town.

The concept vehicle features four engines with torque of 1000nm (Newton meters), which promises to be more than enough to explore terrain of different inclines and obstacles. In addition, the car has an intelligence system (present throughout your family) that can help you with some rides.

Although it is unlikely to be manufactured, the The verge recalls that Volkswagen decided to manufacture one of its concept cars last year, an electric buggy.

The other vehicles in Audi's AI family are really impressive in design, and although they also bring advanced artificial intelligence, they have quite different proposals. AI: With a luxury car, AI: Me made to be compact and circulate on busy streets of giant cities. Lastly, AI: Race is a super powerful electric car designed for just one person.

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