Agreement for interoperability between GPS and Galileo signed by the EU and the USA

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The United States and the European Union signed the already announced agreement for the interoperability of satellite navigation systems in the two regions. Communication between the two platforms will be possible thanks to a signal that the regions have agreed to use on American GPS and European Galileo, the Multiplexed Binary Offset Carrier or MBOC.

The agreement will allow users of services using satellite location to receive signals from both systems in the future, with advantages in terms of the accuracy of the information received and the geographic area covered.

Galileo started out with aspirations to compete with GPS, widely used for civil and military purposes, but ended up failing to achieve its goals.

The new European strategy for the system – which is expected to come on stream in 2012 – is now to join efforts with the American system and generate benefits for the user. The agreement that now bears fruit had been signed between the parties in 2004.

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