Agreement between telecommunications operators increases competition in broadband

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Under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications, a working meeting was held today with telecommunications operators operating in Portugal where the intention was to analyze the effectiveness of the agreement to speed up the process of switching operators with the end customer. and also take stock of broadband investments.

The agreement, promoted by the Government and which had already been announced by the Prime Minister, came into force only yesterday, but telecommunications operators already consider the communication capacity that has been established between the players in the sector to be positive. Mário Lino, Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications, said that in order to reach this agreement “it was only necessary to create a climate of trust among the stakeholders”, according to a quote from the Business Channel.

Under this agreement, operators undertake to facilitate the process of migrating customers between operators, a bureaucratic procedure that has dragged on for many months and was one of the main obstacles to competition in the sector.

The Ministry of Public Works Transport and Communications intends this to be only the first of a set of measures that will be put in place to increase competition in the sector.

Following this meeting, Minister Mário Lino admitted that the coverage of the entire country with a broadband telecommunications network must take place before the end of this legislature, a term previously defined by the Government. It should be recalled that Portugal Telecom had set a target of covering 96 percent of the national territory with broadband by the end of this year.

The presidents of Oni and SonaeCom also committed to accelerate investments in broadband, highlighting Paulo Azevedo, leader of Sonaecom, that this agreement reinforces confidence and the willingness to invest in the sector, writes AgĂŞncia Lusa.

Despite this positive note, Paulo Azevedo said that there is a list of 30 to 40 «very difficult» problems in the sector that must be solved, namely the «lack of competition in terms of infrastructure and between copper and cable», he cites the same source.

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