Agnilux, Google's invisible company

Agnilux, Google’s invisible company

Agnilux, Google's invisible company

The most important news in the United States today reports that Google has bought a startup in the area of ​​computer chip design called Agnilux. It is such a secret company that its website has disappeared from the Internet. Almost nothing is known about it or the terms of the deal.

All that is known is that it is formed by former founders of another startup, PA Semi, which was bought in April 2008 by Apple. These engineers at Apple developed the A4 chip, which is used in the iPad and has the most important feature of saving electricity.

In March of this year, most of the founders of PA Semi left Apple and founded Agnilux in partnership with other engineers, who would have worked at Cisco and Tivo.

It didn’t take long and companies like Cisco, Microsoft and Texas Instruments tried to buy Agnilux, but Google ended up winning the auction.

According to the New York Times (this is perhaps the most trusted newspaper in the world), it states that the stealth company’s mission would be to build a new low-power ARM chip model for the search giant’s computer farm servers. of Internet. This makes perfect sense, because it would give Google a great competitive advantage over Yahoo !, Microsoft and other companies in the industry.

But there are those who believe that they would, in fact, be designing an ARM chip, which would consume little energy, for tablets (for the future “iPad” by Google) and for smartphones, which would use Chrome OS and Android.

There are still those who think that they would be designing a low consumption ARM chip for a future set-top box of the also future Google TV.

I, in particular, would not be surprised if Google were aiming all these things together.

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