AgĂȘncia CiĂȘncia Viva and energy companies join the MIT-Portugal program

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

At a time when the first six months of the MIT-Portugal Program are being celebrated, it is also worth noting the affiliation of national companies in the energy sector to the initiative. AgĂȘncia CiĂȘncia Viva is one of the entities that will join the program and contribute to the economic and social development of this pact that unites universities with an American educational institution.

In a statement, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education states that, with its affiliation, AgĂȘncia CiĂȘncia Viva will ensure «its interaction with the younger sections of the population, as well as a set of innovative actions to promote science and technology and stimulating their public understanding «.

Among the companies joining forces with the program, EDP, EFACEC, GALP, Marifer, REN, Agni and DEIMOS stand out, who today sign an agreement with the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

With their entry into the program, these organizations «pledge that their internal R&D expenditure will increase by 50 percent in the 2007-2011 period» and assume the «pledge to stimulate international patent registration, ensuring that, globally, they will succeed duplicate it by 2009, with reference to the values ​​registered internationally in 2005, and to double its involvement in R&D projects under the European Framework Program for R&D «, says the ministry.

The companies that join the program also commit to hiring doctorates in proportions similar to the best international practices, with 30 new contracts to be fulfilled by the end of next year, as well as 40 new specialist contracts in the next five years. In a press release, it is also ensured that 10 annual registrations (at least) of its staff must be guaranteed in the advanced training programs in «Sustainable Energy Systems» underway within the scope of the MIT-Portugal Program.

The group of companies that are currently part of the program will join the group of organizations that joined the initiative last October, including Amorim Industrial Solutions, CeloplĂĄs, IBER OLEFF, and others

To mark the entry of the new partners in the project, a dinner will be held at the PavilhĂŁo do Conhecimento CiĂȘncia Viva, in Lisbon, where the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, JosĂ© Mariano Gago, the Chancellor of MIT, Philip Clay and the Director will be present. from the School of Engineering, Thomas Magnanti.

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