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Against the tide: Apple transfers manufacturing of new Mac Pro to China

Unexpectedly, Apple shifted production from the nineteen (mighty, mighty and so on) Mac pro from the United States to China, according to a report published by the Wall street journal.

That's a surprise for two reasons: First, Mac Pro had been manufacturing in the US for six years, more specifically at the Flex facility in Austin, Texas, where Ma even built a new campus. Secondly, the tensions between the US and China are at an all-time high as the trade war between the two powers only heats up, making the company even expand production to other countries, relying less and less on China.

Despite the possibility of more Ma products being priced by the US government, Apple has signed a contract with China. Quanta computer to make the new Mac Pro by l. This partnership is not exactly new, since Quanta manufactures several MacBook models for Ma.

The decision (to produce in China) was most likely also influenced by Quanta's distance from other Apple component suppliers in Asia, as the company could save even more on shipping costs (rather than shipping everything). to the USA).

The fact that production of the latest generation of Mac Pro (2013 model) in the US was problematic for Apple must also have weighed in. Earlier this year, we announced that workstation were delayed because the company's Texas supplier couldn't make enough bolts!

Still according to WSJ, an Apple spokesman said the new Mac Pro was architected and designed in the US, and includes parts made in the United States. Despite the decision, the company also said it supports production in the US and spent $ 60 billion last year with more than 9,000 suppliers in the country.

In addition to Flex workers, another person who is certainly not happy with the news is American president Donald Trump, who has repeatedly defended the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe Cupertino giant transferring its production to his native country.

via 9to5Mac